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TV Antenna High Gain Sailing Boat Mount

12 VOLT - High Gain Omni Directional TV Antenna
When it comes to TV Antenna's the Majestic UFO has the best reputation in the world. With a High Gain Receiver to give you the best possible chance of making sure you get the best picture.

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Designed for Analog and Digital Signals World Wide.

The Majestic UFO has a High Gain 28dB Amplifier built in the Antenna which is ground independant (does not need a ground plane) to amplify the TV signal immediately upon receiving it. This gives you a huge advantage over other TV antennas because now you have a very strong signal in the antenna that has not had any interference being induced when the signal is sent down the cable. Once the signal is sent down, because the signal is so strong we do not need to do much filtering or cleaning to give you excellent reception.

If you need a TV antenna with a grounded system, for example an RV, Motorhome, Caravan, Truck, Bus, Steel or Aluminium Vessel then you need to use our ANTRV01 which is specifically designed for ground dependant installations click here.

Stylish and very simple to install the Majestic UFO will pick up the picture you want when all the other antennas won't.                 


  • Accessories Supplied Junction Box, Power Lead, Connectors, Manual
  • Color White
  • Current Draw @ 12 Volts 100 to 150mA
  • Features 28dB Gain
  • Features 22cm Diameter - 10"
  • Voltage Range 10.9V to 24V DC
  • Weight 300gm