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TV Antenna for RVs, Caravans & Trucks

TV/AM/FM Antenna for RV motorhome installation
The ANTRV01 designed for installations in Car's, RV's or Motorhomes and high Gain reception.

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Designed for Analog and Digital Signals World Wide.

The ANTRV01 has been designed for installations that use a metal surface as a ground plane. The main application is for Car's, Trucks, SUV's, Motorhomes and RV's, the antenna will perform perfectly well in a marine installation only on a steel or aluminium hull. Substituting a ground plane (or using a temporary plate) will not give you the true effects of a proper grounding that the chasis of a vehicle gives. If you don't have a ground plane our UFO is the recommended product which is design to operate independant of a ground plane click here.

The High Gain 23dB Amplfier is built in the Antenna base and uniquely engineered for ground dependant operations. Designed to be used with both the TV and AM/FM system, the complete kit it comes with 2x 5M of coax cable with TV and AM/FM with connectors to go directly to your TV and Stereo system.

You will need to be able to supply 12 Volt to the power lead, the ground will be supplied through the grounding in the vehicle.


  • Accessories Supplied Cable for TV and AM/FM with Power lead
  • Color Black
  • Current Draw @ 12 Volts 30 to 70mA
  • Features UV stabilised
  • Features 23dB Amplifier built in the antenna
  • Voltage Range 10.9V to 24V DC
  • Weight 100gm